keeping busy

This month has been one of those where you get to the end and say, “Wait, what? Over?” A few highlights include…

poppery II

This West Bend Poppery II purchased at a great antique/junk shop for $4.  My dad and I were digging around in the basement and he found this on the top of a shelf.  It is brand new and works great.  Now enjoying healthier pop corn. Yum! 

April & Dad

Went to Fort Lauderdale, FL for my sister’s wedding.  They had it at a wonderfully thematic restaurant called the Mai Kai.  It’s a 5o year old Polynesian spot that has great food!  It was a whirlwind weekend visit, but lovely, warm, and fun.

Table set-up

Table set-up

Table set-up

And of course A Knitter’s Fantasy!  I had a good time meeting and greeting, spreading the woollie warmth.  Passed out fliers for Great Lakes Fiber Show – the next stop on my “2011 tour”.  Made some sales.  What else could you ask for?

I’m in the process of applying to two more shows this year.  One is an SCA event in June and the other is a fall festival in October.  That’ll bring me up to six shows total for the year.  Last year I just did two!  Even though I’m getting certain things in order, it’s hard working 40 hrs a week and really being focused on all this.  I feel like I’m doing one fulltime job and two parttime jobs.  Stressful!

the beat goes on

How does anyone find the time for… well, anything?  Luckily I have one hour for lunch at the bank and it’s the only time I have for knitting these days.  I’ve been able to get several pairs of mittens done in the past few weeks.  Like these:

autumn mitts

I know it’s already been a few weeks, but I finally have some photos from our anniversary weekend.  Which was not celebrated at Rhinebeck.  Instead we went up to Niagara Falls, NY.  We haven’t made it back to NY Sheep and Wool in two years, but Rich has suggested I make reservations for 2011 now, so I’m quite certain we’ll be there next year.  Anyway, here are  a few highlights from our trip to Niagara, which I had never been been to before.

rich and gwen at niagara
Standing in front of the falls. Do you see the rainbow?
the falls
The American Falls
observation deck
Snazzy Observation Deck
maid of the mist raincoat
Gwen wearing the very trendy "Maid of the Mist" poncho. One size fits all.
on the deck of the boat
Taken while standing on the deck of the Maid of the Mist boat. Heading towards Horseshoe Falls.


the perfect day

We’re married now, Mr. and Mrs. R. Richard Brown. Despite mediocre weather, the day was superb. The only hiccup was my slip – it kept rotating around under my dress, making the strap hang out. Otherwise everything went perfectly! We had a great group of friends come support us. We had delicious food, a positive atmosphere, and lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who helped with cookies. And thank you for showing us so much love!


no front loading washer for me!

Realized that I had more unwashed wool than I had originally thought. Sunny day, nothing to do. Let’s wash us up some fleece. I wanted to get some of those large mesh laundry bags so I could do multiple fleeces without having them get mixed up. Unfortunately Target only had one. So I put the remaining BFL/Border Leicester in the bag and dumped the rest of the Columbia into the washer without a bag. Seems to be fine. I don’t understand why the tips of the Columbia are so yellow or how to get them washed. The cut ends are super clean!

dual fleece washing!

P.S.  It’s party time!! I’m making pompoms. Weee!

party time!

wedding bells news

It’s happening in just less than two months. I’m glad I’ve had this time to mentally prepare and whatnot. Pennsic was a bit of a road block to a lot of our preparations, but with that out of the way, we’ve moved forward successfully. The day after we returned home from Pennsic, we spent the entire day rearranging the furniture in Rich’s apartment. He takes his couch/futon to camp, so we wanted to take advantage of the living room being mostly empty. We’ve made room for some of my furniture which consists only of one chair, a coffee table, and spinning wheels.

As for planning the wedding itself, we had nearly everything taken care of before Pennsic except for a photographer. It was really difficult to find someone who was available and affordable. I didn’t think we’d get out without spending at least $1,000. However, through the grapevine, we reconnected with someone I knew from high school. She actually remembered me from when she worked there. We’re going to have a video done too, which I hadn’t considered before. And in a week or so we’ll meet with the caterer to discuss menu and cake!

Just a few days ago I finally decided on a head-topper. I really liked the look of the birdcage veils or little hat/veil thing rather than a large fluffy veil. My mom put together a few different things, but I just felt uncomfortable. In the end I decided on a birdcage attached to a headband since I have short hair and combs do NOT stay in! I found it at [Psalm117]

birdcage on headband

Also, I purchased an overnight carrying case to use as a card box from [Great Lakes Vintage], another Etsy shop. It’s actually a lot bigger than I had anticipated, even though I had a measuring tape in from of me at time of purchase. At the end of the night, I can just close the box and take it home! And then it’s reusable later. I’m not into this single-purpose-chatchka-lying-around-the house business.

green overnight carrying case

this and that.

It’s raining today. Can’t say I’m too bummed about being at home instead of at Pennsic. Tomorrow is my last day at work. At 1:00 I will leave and drive straight up 422 to Cooper’s Lake and stay there until Sunday afternoon. Next Sunday.

I had to run some errands before coming home to wash my blankets and sheets. Otherwise my packing is mostly complete. In one box I have all of my garb and accessories. In another box I have towels and sheets. And finally, I have a project basket, which is bigger than last year. I didn’t try to pretend by using a smaller basket.

packed for pennsic

The wedding plans are coming along so well I haven’t done anything in a while. My mum and I did go to the florist last week to put together the bouquet. It’s going to be green hydrangea and green kermits. Yes, the flowers AND the leaves will be green. My cousin had a little photo display at her wedding of she and fiance as kids with photos from their parents’ weddings. I thought that sounded neat, so Rich and I went looking for baby pictures. Guess who this is. And no, It’s not me.

who is this cutie?