new workspace

As I am composing this post, I keep thinking back to that episode of The Office when Dwight used the conference room as an office – I mean workspace! The signs Jim and Pam found crumpled up in Dwight’s garbage can were hilarious.

me at the desk

snapshots: desk

I do not have a sign outside my newly improved workspace designating it as such, but I am excited about it nonetheless. It has an en suite bathroom (water closet, literally); a place for the printer; desk space upon which I can weigh fiber and write labels; art on the walls; and an “official feeling”. I am no longer trapped in my living room chair with the day’s snacks and projects littered around me at arm’s length. If I need to, I can keep the cat out, although she now has a basket by the window if she chooses to visit. A place for everything and everything in its place.

snapshots: cork board

Gone are the days of sitting cross-legged and hunched over on the floor with braids of roving stacked around me!
Gone are the days of cramming/storing everything under my chair!
Gone are the days of having all of my equipment, projects, and fiber scattered around the house!
Gone are the days of barely not breaking my neck trying to get something from the back corner of the wool room!

If I seem excited about this it’s because I am. Did I mention the desk came from Ikea and I put it together myself?

snapshots: desk top

snapshots: shelves