tiptoe into comfort

For some reason I had the desperate urge to try wet felting. It’s likely due in part to my dad planting the idea in my head. He wants a pointy felted hat. He sent me links with patterns. He asks if I looked at the links. He whispers “felted hat” into my ear when he hugs me. So that might have something to do with it. INCEPTION! Regardless, I found myself alone Saturday afternoon and decided to give this thing a shot.

I started with child sized slippers, as recommended by the book I was referring to, Felting by Hand by Anne Einset Vickrey. The instructions were easy enough. Wool? Check! Soap? Check! Water? Yep! And instead of doing test samples, I just got into it. I don’t swatch either.

best three attempts

The first slipper came out great. Or at least my definition of great. It felt even and solid. The shape was pleasant. It’s at the front in the picture. The second one (second in the picture) came out weird. There were thin spots and it just didn’t look as sturdy. The third one is not pictured because it failed completely. And by the fourth I needed some spice, so I threw in a few locks of dyed wool. They ended up approximately 6 inches by 3 inches, just to give you an idea. Next I’m making a pair for me!

first slipper

fourth slipper

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