two unrelated things

Happy first day of October everyone! Is it really here already?

On Saturday Ross Alpaca Ranch had an open house for the National Alpaca Farm Days. I spent the day spinning and talking to the visitors. I got pictures of my sample table, but when I went out to get pictures of the animals, my camera died. Immediately. So I have nothing else to show. No photos of the angora goats, the ducks, the alpacas, or the llamas. Nothing.


Today I picked up three bushel baskets from Hobby Lobby. In the spirit of going “natural”, I will soon be offering undyed locks to go along with the undyed yarn. I decided that instead of bagging it for you, I’ll put the whole fleece in a big basket and you can buy as much of it as you want. For $2/ounce. I tossed this Romney lamb fleece in one basket to see how it worked. Seems to work fine, wouldn’t you say?

bushel o' wool

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