What’s new in Dyeables

There are so many awesome things to which you can add color! Wool, silk, mohair – locks, top, yarn. Each fiber and prep works a little different with the color. Luster, staple length, breed. These factors effect how the fiber takes the dye.

For quite some time I’ve been offering ecru combed top in various breeds. Basically whatever I’m currently dyeing is available for you to dye too. When I get a new 22 lb bump, I set aside two to three pounds and offer them in 8 ounce bags.

Now that I’ve started dyeing yarn more regularly, there’s yarn in the shop! Right now you’ll find 4 ounce hanks of Targhee in heavy worsted weight.

Greener Shades heavy metal free dyes are perfect for all protein fibers. If you aren’t quite ready for that, try splashing on a bit of Kool-Aid. It smells fruity and gives you some pretty jazzy colors.

The fibers can be dyed before or after spinning. I like to do both. Dyeing the fiber first gives you a lot of options if you don’t like the way the color comes out. You can card the fiber or rearrange the layout as you spin. However, spinning ecru fiber and dyeing after is fun too! There are so many ways to experiment and play, it never gets old.

What goodies can you pick up at the Studio?

  • Blue-faced Leicester Wool/Silk combed top (8 oz bag)
  • Targhee Wool/Silk/Bamboo combed top (8 oz bag)
  • Cheviot Wool combed top (8 oz bag)
  • Ecru Sampler combed top (6 oz bag)
  • Natural colored domestic roving (2 oz ball)
  • Firestar nylon (1/2 oz bag)
  • Mohair combed top (2 oz bag)
  • Mohair roving (30 g bag)
  • Heavy worsted weight Targhee Wool yarn (4 oz hank)
  • Silk scarf blanks (35″ SQ, 21″ SQ, 8″x72″)

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