where i’m at.

maybe the answer should be “nowhere”.

Remember when I was complaining about Quickbooks a few weeks ago? Well, I finally just started putting in my data and thought I’d made some good progress. Got all my receipts in there along with all the credit card transactions and everything from my bank statement. It felt good, you know, like I’d really gotten something accomplished. Well, here is a piece of advice for you: Don’t get excited. Even when you think you’ve accomplished something, you haven’t. In fact, you probably did it wrong. We met with the accountant over the weekend and I realized I’d forgotten to put in all my mileage info, which apparently is the largest deduction. Everyone just sat there looking at me like I was an idiot. I also found out that I have been assigning things to the wrong accounts and basically all my numbers are off. AWESOME. But the best part is that I still don’t really know what I’m doing. So my job for today is to get at least my mileage stuff in and see how much of the rest I can fix.

And then this afternoon I need to finish up yesterday’s dyeing, which was incredibly uninspired. Some days I get so much done I can hardly believe it. Other days I stand there in the kitchen staring at my pots and dyes. It doesn’t help that I am almost out of everything (again). Next time I order the dye powder, I’m getting the larger jar of yellow. I never do as much with yellow and green as I’d like because I’m being stingy with the yellow. And that’s no way to dye! Also, I’m really annoyed with the Greener Shades. It’s probably something I’m doing wrong, but they just aren’t exhausting. It’s tiresome. Oh yeah, and I’m almost out of citric acid, so I used my vinegar stash, but now that’s gone too. Looks like I have to go head to the grocery store.

Not feeling great about things right now.

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  1. ugh, i feel you. i thought my taxes were going to be easy, but it turns out one of my clients is submitting what they’ve paid me for this year with what they paid me for last year or something, so now i’ve got to figure out how much they’re saying they paid for “last year” so our numbers match. i have no idea where or if they’re separating the years, so now i’m waiting for them to get back to me so i don’t say they paid me $300 for last year and they say they paid me $1200 (which would be both years combined). =

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